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This is Pods place to have some pod-tastic fun!

I love getting your drawings, just like this one from Peter in Jarrow. What a very hansom looking snail! Top 10 strange facts about history! 10: Napoleon was once attacked by rabbits 9:   Queen Elizabeth II is related to Vlad the Impaler 8:   England’s King George was German 7:   Iceland has the oldest Parliament (930, years)   6:   Queen Victoria got half a ton of cheese as a gift 5:   In 1811, quarter of women were called Mary 4:   Henry III had a pet polar bear 3:   Thatcher helped invent Mr Whippy Ice cream 2:   First speeding ticket was for going 8mph 1:   Painting used to be an Olympic event!

The Gallery

1: Which company do Snail’s use to send letters to each other? 2: Snail Mail!
1: What was king Arthur’s              favourite game? 2: Knights and crosses!
1: How does Moses make a cup     of tea? 2: Hebrews it! ( he he he )
Pyramid, by Evie aged 6.
A long, long time ago, in a garden far, far away! Around 550 million years ago, my ancestors used to live at the bottom of the sea. Then one day around 286 million years ago, so the scriptures say, a snail called Bob, felt he had to go for a walk, on the land! It was on this walk, that he heard a ‘Great Voice’ Speak to him. “Bobthe voice said, “From here on, you and your offspring will record the events of the humans”.  “But how will I record them? And what is a human?” Bod replied. This conversation went on for a long, long time, until Bob understood everything he needed to do. Since that day, my snail brothers and sisters have traveled through time. Recording ‘Pods’ for all future snails, oh and Humans. So! It has been passed down to me, to start recording history once more. I know it’s a really big job, but if you could all help me, then it will be a lot more fun.  
 Pods Photo Album
Pods baby photo
Pod & Mom
Pod first kiss!
Pods Top Five Songs: 5:  Snail away with me. 4:  Funky Snail. 3:  Let is Snail. 2:  Do the slug. 1:  Gangnam Snail.
Did you know that us snails are fast! Yes we can go at a top speed of 50 yards per hour, that’s 1.2 cm per second! Zooooooooommm.......  
What I like to do. 5:  Play slugs and ladders. 4:  Go out for cabbage. 3:  Play on my S Box. 2:  Watch a Iron Snail movie. 1:  Go fishing  
Snail’s closest cousin is the Slug but trust me, you would not like to go to the movies with one!  

Keep sending in your amazing art work, jokes and history facts!!

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