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The Industrial Heritage Of Sunderland - Uploaded 2015.  Sunderland High School spent some time researching the Heritage of Sunderlandís work force.  They looked at many different things from the early fishing and ship building, to cars that play a large part in the Cityís rebirth and of-course the Stadium of Light, the home of Sunderland Football Club.  This is a recording they made to show the research they have done and the history that is all around them.  Sunderland High School with the Support of 107 Spark FM
D I Y Pods is your chance my ‘History Hounds’, to make your very own History Pod and help me out. Download the PDF Pods help sheet, with tips and ideas and get recording! 
Our one line story about Beamish  - Uploaded 2015.  Year 2 of St Maryís R.C Primary School in South Tyneside, when to Beamish Museum in Co Durham. When they got back to school, they all wrote a short story about their visit. Then they recorded one line from each of the stories to make their great D I Y Pod.  St Maryís R.C Primary School with the Support J. Cernik
D I Y Pods